Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan Cairo

Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan Cairo

South Sudan praises its depth relations with Egypt

SudaneseOnline-The South Sudan Ambassador to Egypt Anthony Kon praised depth and strength of relations between South Sudan and Egypt, pointing out to development of relations between the two countries through fruitful cooperation in the areas of education, health, irrigation, trade and investment.


21 Jul 2014 0 comment  
South Sudan praises its depth relations with Egypt


During his meeting with the head of Freedom and Justice Party, Dr. Mohamed Saad El-katatney, Kon stressed Juba’s keenness to develop and strengthen its relations with Cairo in the interests of the two fraternal peoples, defending South Sudan’s relations with Israel, indicating that this relationship is based on the foreign policy of openness to all States for the benefit of investment.

The South Sudan Ambassador to Egypt called on all Arabic States to invest in South Sudan, confirming that Juba's relationship with Tel Aviv could not affect its relationship with Arabic or African States.

Ambassador went to say that Juba is keen on establishing good-neighborly relationship with Khartoum and maintain brotherhood and social relations between the two peoples, adding that some issues are still being resolved between the two countries such as issue of Abyei and borders, reiterating belonging of Abyei to South Sudan.

For his part, the head of Freedom and Justice Party, Dr. Mohamed Saad El-katatney expressed his happiness about what he heard from South Sudan’s Ambassador, praising South Sudan’s balanced relationship with the Arabic and African States, stressing the keenness of Egypt After the revolution to establish good relations with Nile basin countries.

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